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We are raising funds to bring food, supplies and other crucial aid to the Bayview community of San Francisco. So far, we’ve reached more than 50 families in need and we are doubling our efforts to ensure people are fed for the holidays and can have holiday meals, turkeys and all the trimmings.

Now more than ever it is time to make the commitment to racial justice and equity.  Will you join us in our fight for equity for the Black community and against police violence with a donation to Wealth and Disparities in the Black Community?


As a grass-roots, all volunteer run organization, every donation goes a long way to helping us fight these injustices. Our volunteers work tirelessly to keep the City of San Francisco and SF police department accountable to eliminating their racially disparate tactics. Wealth and Disparities in the Black Community continues to track SFPD’s statistics on its behaviors and activities. We demand action by meeting regularly with city, county and state leaders. We engage the community every step of the way. Help support our efforts by donating now.

How We Use Our Donations


All funds will be used to further our group’s impact on SFPD reform, Bayview community connection, and disparities facing the Black community of San Francisco.


One key way we use donations is by organizing protests and other events that put pressure on officials to make lasting change. Donations help us organize, pay for equipment and provide health and safety measures, especially during COVID.

We also use donations for local events that bring the community together and keep them informed of key issues that impact their neighborhoods.

Mario Woods Remembrance Day


One of our main events is Mario Woods Remembrance Day. This is a community event celebrating the life and legacy of Mario Woods, a young Black man whose life was suddenly cut short on Dec. 2, 2015, by five SFPD officers in an execution-style shooting. Events like these are important in ensuring that the City and and County always remember the lives of those taken by the SFPD. It’s also an opportunity to feed members of underserved communities like Bayview and provide a day of safe entertainment for kids and families.



This year due to COVID-19, in lieu of Mario Woods Remembrance Day, WDBC has provided direct aid for the Bayview community. This includes delivering groceries, handing out masks and hand sanitizer to elderly Black folks, as well as providing educational materials on staying safe.

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