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One-third of African-Americans in San Francisco live in homes moderately or severely in need of severe or moderate repair. African-Americans represent one-third of residents holding Section 8 vouchers. 50% live in public housing. Prices for rental housing in San Francisco exceed that of the larger Bay Area by over 50% for comparable dwellings.

We therefore petition the elected leadership of San Francisco to take the following actions to address these housing disparities:


  • Establish tax credits and down payment assistance for low and middle income renters and homeowners in need of assistance in the neighborhoods of color at risk of gentrification.

  • Aggressively build middle income housing with City subsidies that require completed housing to be made available to low and middle income residents for twenty years.

  • Use a Certificate of Preference program to maintain diversity in San Francisco and retain the traditional character of neighborhoods.

  • End the privatization of Public Housing in San Francisco.

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